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We invite you to host a group with us!

Marrakech is one of the most popular destinations to visit on the planet. It is warm, boasting friendly people, art, food, history and culture. Our philosophy is to encourage time to live in the now, we encourage you to discover the Garden of the soul ..Rumi…

We can arrange exclusive hire of the whole Riad for a celebration, gathering or retreat. We can support with dedicated chef and cater for most requirements. Riad Botanica boast areas for private dining, chill out spaces a pool and even yoga spaces within the Riad from the courtyard to the roof terrace. We work with other places such as next door there is a yoga Studio at Riad Be Marrakech (Flow Yoga) as well as Root Yoga which run daily classes.

To learn more please get in contact [email protected]


Indulge in gastronomic delights and learn to cook

Moroccan food is enjoyed across the globe, from the finest restaurants to the local cafe, you will always find some dishes attributed to this wonderful cruise. We are delighted to offer homemade traditional food served here daily for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Whilst in Marrakech we encourage you to indulge in taste the wide variety on offer and even try to cook like a local! We offer tailored cooking classes in-house with our cook. We also have a list of the top places to eat and of course do a food tour!


Welcome to shopping paradise!!

Marrakech is so diverse from the new city bursting with every global brand you know and love to showcasing up and coming new designers- Marrakech has it all. In the old city - the souks are some of the oldest and truly filled with hidden gems - "Get lost in the Souks" the traders come from all over the globe to try and sell their wears in the Medina's souks. Here at Riad Botanica, were just a few minutes walk into the heart of it all. We can share with you a few of our favourite places to shop and you will see some of the collaborations we have created with local designers. Plus you can always book a shopping guide and when your laden with goodies we can arrange a chariot person to come and help carry your items safely back to the Riad :).


Learn all about the golden era and take the best photos!

Marrakech is brimming with hidden treasures to discover for the person keen on learning a bit about the rich history - its fascinating to learn whilst the rest of the world was suffering through the dark ages Islam was flourishing and enjoying the golden ages. We can help set you up with a tour guide or a list of what we would recommend depending upon the length of your stay and interests.