Is Ramadan a good time to Visit Morocco?

Visiting Morocco during Ramadan will offer you the opportunity to experience an event and festivities that happen only one time each year. Ramadan is an important part of Moroccan culture. Ramadan is also a spiritual time for Muslims and exploring the country during this time will allow for an up close experience to learn more about Moroccan rituals and Islamic traditions. The ability to participate in the Iftar break fast and also the surrounding activities is what makes visiting Morocco during Ramadan truly special.

At the end of the day’s fast you will hear the announcement of cannons, see thousands of people attending prayer at their local mosque and witness tables of food spread out to feed those who are hungry. Morocco’s markets also feature special Ramadan foods that are prepared during this holiday only. If you are a foodie then Ramadan is the ideal time to visit Morocco given many of the special Ramadan foods are not made at other times of the year.

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