La Mamounia

We wanted to share some of our favourite places to visit here in Marrakech @lamamouniamarrakech it is a privilege and joy to step inside this iconic and stunning palace, which is celebrating its 100th birthday!

La Mamounia is considered one the best hotels in the world, Condé Nast Traveler has named La Mamounia as the best hotel in the world.”Mamounia” means “safe haven” or “reservoir” in the Arabic language, It is marketed by The Leading Hotels of the World.

The hotel has 135 rooms (with each room covering 30 to 45 square meters), 71 suites (with each suite covering 55 to 212 square meters), and 3 riads (with each covering 700 square meters) for rent.

Notable guests have included politicians such as Charles de Gaulle, Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Nelson Mandela, Ronald Reagan, and Helmut Kohl; entertainment industry stars include Kirk Douglas, Paul McCartney, Charlie Chaplin, and Omar Sharif, and athletes such as Zinedine Zidane

The hotel was conceived in 1923 by architects Henri Prost and Antoine Marchisio on the 15-hectare palace and garden that Sultan Mohammed ben Abdallah gave to his son, Moulay Mamoun in the 18th century. The hotel opened in 1929 and combines Moroccan architecture with the Art Deco style.

In a 1935 letter to his wife, Winston Churchill wrote about the hotel; “This is a wonderful place, and the hotel is one of the best I have ever used”. One of the bars at the hotel is now named after Churchill.

We enjoyed the afternoon whilst sitting in the lap of luxury, come and explore Marrakech we look forward to welcoming you soon xxx