Orange Blossom

At Riad Botanica our only twin / king room option is our Orange Blossom Suite. Designed to ignite your senses with the vibrant colours of nature and relax you with the calming and grounding scent of orange blossom.

We named this suite in honour of our majestic orange tree that stands tall at the heart of the Riad and we celebrate orange blossom not just for its beauty but for its medicinal properties.

The flowers from both bitter and sweet orange varieties have been traditionally used to address anxiety and insomnia, thanks to their mildly sedating effects on the nervous system. They can also be supportive for mild stomach upsets and as a digestive aid, when you create an infusion (tea) made from these flowers..

Embrace the calming properties of Orange Blossom as a gentle remedy and indulge your senses with us at Riad Botanica

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We look forward to welcoming you soon xx