moroccan breakfast

A Moroccan Breakfast

Moroccan cuisine is known for its beautiful aromatic spice, colours and flavour combinations. From hearty tagines and harira to fluffy herbed couscous and crunchy-topped b’stilla, treat your tastebuds everything Marrakech has to offer with its delectable dishes and food components.

A traditional Moroccan breakfast is served here Riad Botanica daily, which is designed to flood your senses and fuel your day. With a variety of bread being the staple piece of any traditional Moroccan breakfast, you are also presented with soft and fluffy pancakes and cakes made from Semolina, along with a gooey and mouth watering eggs (anyway you like).

We squeeze our orange juice fresh daily and provide a fruit platter filled with seasonal fruit, which is also a major component in any Moroccan breakfast and has been influenced by its European and Mediterranean location. Packed with fresh olives, juicy tangerines, and the occasional creamy herbed yoghurt, there is truly no better way to start your day.

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