The Souks of Marrakech

To locals and tourists alike, the souks in Marrakech are considered to be a highlight of Moroccan culture. The bustling atmosphere, the bargains, the thrill of haggling and the assault on the senses is often a big part of the reason for people to take a trip to Morocco’s Red City.

The word “souk” is used to describe an open and inviting Arab market. Historically, locals relied on these markets for their essential items. A souk would have travelling merchants passing through them at all times of the year and as its location is at the centre of ancient commerce networks, goods found their way to Marrakech from all over Morocco, surrounding African countries and farther afield.

Local artisans and craftsmen often lived and worked close to others in the same trade. Communities of artisans grew, hence why there were traditionally some souks dedicated to particular goods. People sold their wares from or near their workshops, hence today’s visitors will still find separate areas in some souks.

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