Just south of Spain

Marrakech is located in the North African country of Morocco. The country is just south of Spain (not in the Middle East) and is where you’ll find Tangier 20 mins travel from the Strait of Gibraltar. Further south and west, you will find Marrakech with a delightful living history as a former imperial city. Marrakech is alive with street markets, called souks, and boasts incredible display of handmade crafts. A traveler seeking a deeper connection we invite you to experience a Riad stay, unlike hotels – Riad’s are the traditional homes of the Moroccan Aristocrats. No TV, just amazing food, beds and the luxury comforts of a traditional home. Nestled behind the old walls of the Medina you will find Riad Botanica in Bab Doukkala close to the markets. We invite you this winter to come and experience artisan shopping and local food.

But one question you must always ask when traveling to a new country and city is that of safety. How safe is it for Brits, Americans or Australians to travel to Marrakech, Morocco? Marrakech is very safe and on the same level of tourist safety as European cities. To put into perspective Italy is closer to the middle east than Morocco. Crimes involving tourists are extremely rare, and if traveling with children, you may find locals open up to you with new friendliness – as everyone loves children here. At Riad Botanica, we like to encourage our guest to share a realistic look at what it is like to travel Marrakech solo, in groups, or as a family… please have a look through their stories that tag us and read our blog.

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