Rose Festival

Celebrated each year in May is the Valley of the Roses Festival. Nestled in the so-called Valley of Roses, Kelaat-M’Gouna, (5.5 hours outside Marrakech). This annual spectacle unfolds every mid-May, inviting you to a mesmerizing celebration of nature’s beauty.

It is a great place to stay for 1-2 days and witness the harvesting of the roses and enjoy the colourful celebrations.

Sample the delicious food from the street vendors alongside traditional Berber local tribes singing, dancing, displaying sword manoeuvres and playing traditional musical instruments. Watch the stunningly vibrant parade of floats pass by with the nominees for Ms. Roses who sit upon them. Truly a memorable experience.

Then take a trip to Marrakech and spend a couple of days with us in the Medina. Discover the Souks and see the sights.

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