angela mellak

28 Jun

Moroccan Legzira Beach (Top 30 Best beaches in the world)

Looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the red city? Dubbed “A Jewel of Northwest Africa”, Legzira beach is situated about ten kilometres from the city of Sidi Ifni in the southern region of Morocco. Doused in vibrant blue and red hues, it has four arches carved into the cliff by the tides that […]


27 Jun

Tuareg tribes of africa

It is believed that the Tuareg are descendants of the North African Berbers, and that they originated in the Fezzan region of Libya. They later expanded into regions bordering the Sahara, bringing local farming peoples into their own society. This tribe of nomadic pastoralists are descendants of the indigenous Berber people. In addition to the […]


21 Jun


The closest port to Marrakech, this stunning seaside town on the atlantic ocean. The blue is that color, inspired by the city’s three thousand years of murex production, that you see throughout the city. A lovely bluish purple, painted even on every wooden boat that fishes the Purple Islands each morning. The beach in Essaouira […]


18 Jun

The cross and star.. Our signature courtyard

The cross and star represents the harmony of christianity and islam and I love how they perfectly sit with each other and so well connected.. So we kept with the theme all the way through into the pool.. And who doesn’t love having a place filled with stars.. Like all Zellige tiles, these are traditionally […]


7 Jun

Essaouira Blue Boats

Essaouira was originally named Mogador, the most important trading port of Morocco until mid 19th century. During the French protectorate 1912 – 1956, Casablanca grew up in the North and Agadir in the South and there were better ports built for modern ships. Essaouira is a small port city, making it a great place in […]


27 May

A walk to remember: Chefchaouen

Chefchaouen people ask why the city is blue, when you ask a local some people say the blue is to symbolize the sky (or heaven). They say the best way to immerse yourself in any new city is to explore it by foot. It’s cheap, easy, and gives you the opportunity to see and experience […]


24 May

Red vs Blue

Morocco is a country that offers one of the biggest colour clashes among cities. While Marrakech is considered to be the “Red City”, there is also the “Blue City” of Chefchaouen. Renowned for the striking, blue-washed buildings of its old town, it is beautifully placed in the mountains of Rif in Northwest Morocco. Filled with […]


13 May

Welcome to our Nigella room

This SuperKing bedroom can also be turned into a twin room. Perfect choice for friends wanting to share, retreats and families. It features the unmistakable @florencebroadhurst Arabian birds wallpaper with blue, green, and pink combinations. The Nigella bathroom boasts Australian design proportions with huge 2-meter showers and marble tops. here we celebrate Moroccan tiles at their best […]


7 May

Moroccan Cuisine

Moroccan cuisine is fueled by interactions and exchanges with many cultures and nations over the centuries. Moroccan cuisine is usually a mix of Berber, Andalusi, Mediterranean, and Arab cuisines, with minimal European and sub-Saharan influences. Enjoy our home cooking for lunch or dinner xx To book your stay with us, click here #morocco#moroccotravel#moroccotrip#travelgram#instatravel#desert#maroc#marrakech#riadbotanica#raidbotanicamarrakech#gardenofthesoul#florencebroadhurst#Australiandesign#melbournetomarrakech#topworldhotel#forbesTravelGuide#condenasttravellerats


18 Apr

Staying at Riad Botanica

A Riad is a guest house where all the rooms are centred around a beautiful internal courtyard. Discover breathtaking mosaics, beautiful fabrics, and local cuisine far more enriching than a window AC and a cold breakfast danish. At Riad Botanica, we offer an enchanting riad guest house in the heart of Medina. We are founded […]