7 May

Moroccan Cuisine

Moroccan cuisine is fueled by interactions and exchanges with many cultures and nations over the centuries. Moroccan cuisine is usually a mix of Berber, Andalusi, Mediterranean, and Arab cuisines, with minimal European and sub-Saharan influences. Enjoy our home cooking for lunch or dinner xx To book your stay with us, click here #morocco#moroccotravel#moroccotrip#travelgram#instatravel#desert#maroc#marrakech#riadbotanica#raidbotanicamarrakech#gardenofthesoul#florencebroadhurst#Australiandesign#melbournetomarrakech#topworldhotel#forbesTravelGuide#condenasttravellerats


18 Apr

Staying at Riad Botanica

A Riad is a guest house where all the rooms are centred around a beautiful internal courtyard. Discover breathtaking mosaics, beautiful fabrics, and local cuisine far more enriching than a window AC and a cold breakfast danish. At Riad Botanica, we offer an enchanting riad guest house in the heart of Medina. We are founded […]


31 Mar

Is Ramadan a good time to Visit Morocco?

Visiting Morocco during Ramadan will offer you the opportunity to experience an event and festivities that happen only one time each year. Ramadan is an important part of Moroccan culture. Ramadan is also a spiritual time for Muslims and exploring the country during this time will allow for an up close experience to learn more […]


29 Mar

Orange throughout Riad Botanica

Orange is the colour of enthusiasm, adventure, and creativity Orange is a colour of extremes. It’s a hue of polarizing opinions, you hate it, or you love it. Still, orange is a dynamic colour. Oranges and other sun-coloured citrus fruits can be found in portraits and still-life paintings throughout the centuries. In the Baroque era, […]


26 Mar


“Ramadan Mubarak”, which means “Blessed Ramadan”, or “Ramadan Kareem”, which translates as “Generous Ramadan”. As we celebrate the first few days of this very special time for Muslims. What is Ramadan?Ramadan, considered as the most important holiday in Islam, happens on the ninth month of the twelve-month lunar calendar followed in Islam. These lunar months […]


23 Mar

The Souks of Marrakech

To locals and tourists alike, the souks in Marrakech are considered to be a highlight of Moroccan culture. The bustling atmosphere, the bargains, the thrill of haggling and the assault on the senses is often a big part of the reason for people to take a trip to Morocco’s Red City. The word “souk” is […]


9 Mar

International Women’s Day at Riad Botanica

Reflecting on International Women’s day yesterday, we had the pleasure of hosting three mumpreneurs/ bloggers. It’s been a very different day not hosting a big lunch in @grossiflorentino in Melbourne for the @digitalwomensnetwork as I am here in the spring of Marrakech embarking on this new @riadbotanica journey. Zahara and I really enjoyed taking these photos of them and enjoying the […]


9 Mar

Pottery in Morocco learn more about the Artisans (Berber Pottery)

The Kingdom of Morocco is renowned for its pottery, covered with complex geometric, arabesque and beautiful, rich patterns. Moroccan art has been influenced by a diversity of cultures due to being occupied by Romans, Vandals, Visigoths, Byzantine Greeks ( 278AD to 429AD ) and the conquering Arabs who introduced their Islamic civilization in the late […]


1 Mar

Australian fused Moroccan design

 “They say Paris is for lovers, we say Marrakech is also for lovers of design and culture.” Our Moroccan riad offers a decoration that combines Australian twists and traditional craftsmanship, to provide harmony and luxury. Here, we feature our signature green couch designed by local team in Marrakech @kasbahdesign covered in stunning emerald green fabric I brought […]


28 Feb

Native plants in Riad Botanica

Riad Botanica invites you to experience many native plants and herbs used for health and healing, every plant in the Riad can be eaten or turned into teas or healing balms. Dedicated to the ancient healing properties of guests will have an opportunity to meet with apothecary experts who will explain about various native plants […]