26 Apr

Why are we waiting for someday?

The only time we truly have is now. The past is gone, all that remains is a memory, the future is just a thought, it has not happened yet, so the only thing that is real is right now! So why put off tomorrow what you can do today? If you love looking at all […]


24 Apr

Listen to the birds sing

Imaging stepping into this space! Drinking Moroccan Tea by the pool, listening to the birds singing and soaking in the scent of the orange blossom and the tunes from our epic Riad Botanica playlist! We are all about experiences and we invite you to experience the intimate luxury that awaits you here at Riad Botanica. […]


22 Apr

Golf Escape for the whole family

If you are a Golfer and you haven’t yet visited Marrakech, you don’t know what you are missing! With spectacular courses, sunny days (especially during winter months) and the backdrop of the stunning Atlas Mountains, this is an oasis not just for the seasoned golfer. Marrakech offers so much more than just all your golfing […]


18 Apr

Wake up refreshed in Marrakech!

A good night’s sleep sets you up for a great day and when there’s so much to explore here in Marrakech, we want to set you up with everything you need to be energised and enthusiastic for all that awaits you. From a top quality mattress and luxury linens to a delicious freshly cooked breakfast […]


13 Apr

Wisely and earnestly

The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly. Buddha Book online at https://riadbotanica.com


10 Apr

Refined luxury for the seasoned traveller

Refined luxury for the seasoned traveller is found here at Riad Botanica. With over 140+ guest reviews rating us a 10 out of 10 on booking.com, we invite you to come and experience total luxury in our fully renovated 10th Century Riad, nestled in the back streets of the Medina in Marrakech! We look forward […]


7 Apr

Pool pass

We extend an invitation to join us at Riad Botanica for an escape from the everyday and step into an oasis! Grab a pool pass from our website and spend your afternoon with us relaxing by the pool. Bring a good book and turn off your phone and simply lie back and listen to the […]


4 Apr

Spring has sprung in Marrakech

Spring has sprung in Marrakech and it is a wonderful time to visit the city! With the orange blossoms in full bloom, the streets are alive with nature and the sun is beaming with an average daily temperature ranging from high 20’s up to mid 30’s on an extra special day! Our pool is waiting […]


1 Apr

Luxury two bedroom apartment

We invite you to immerse yourself in our luxury two bedroom apartment, Zahara. With an open master suite and king single bunk beds in the second bedroom, you can relax on the sofa and enjoy the view out to our open courtyard and pool. At the end of a busy day, put your feet up […]


29 Mar

Lunch Experience

Why not retreat from the bustling souks and take a break in our little haven of luxury, hidden within the walls of the Medina. Join us for a delicious lunch in our open courtyard by the pool or up on our roof terrace, enjoy traditional Moroccan cuisine tastefully prepared for your delight. Book online and […]